This server is run by the BGS Earthquake Seismology Team to provide web services for downloading and querying metadata about BGS seismic data. These are primarily aimed at machine-to-machine communication to allow BGS to participate as a node in the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) network.

Available services

The following services are available:

Basic "URL Builder" pages allow manual download of data and metadata from the FDSN web service. Filling in the forms builds a URL with access to the data.

Accessing data via ObsPy

FDSN web services can be accessed via Python-based ObsPy software. The following code snippets query the station and dataselect APIs.

from obspy.clients.fdsn import Client
from obspy import UTCDateTime

client = Client('')

# Download station list
inventory = client.get_stations(network="GB")

# Save and plot data
t = UTCDateTime("2019-08-08T16:52:05.2")
st = client.get_waveforms("GB", "CCA1", "00", "HHE", t - 2, t + 45,

Terms of use

These data are delivered under the terms of the Open Government Licence, subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying the reproduced BGS materials: "Contains British Geological Survey materials © UKRI [year]".

Enquiries should be directed to: